HANKKIJA OY: New CORVUS partner for Finland

HANKKIJA OY: New CORVUS partner for Finland

The Finnish company founded in 1905 is the leading company in the trade of agricultural machinery in Finland, and a great reference in the European market. Also dedicated to the supply of animal products, hardware and gardening, already has more than 64 retail outlets, 8 machinery centers, and employs about 1000 people.

Hankkija is part of the powerful Danish-Agro group, establishing itself as a strong partner for Finnish consumers and professionals.

With this agreement, Hankkija takes over the entire distribution of CORVUS UTV vehicles in Finland, and also offers users maintenance assistance and sales of spare parts and accessories.

After this agreement, Corvus takes a big step in its international growth and covers one of the European areas with more demand for agricultural and gardening machinery, and it’s glad to partner with Hankkija, ”the best possible partner for this venture.”



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