The new TERRAIN EX4 offers, along with precise power to adapt to all types of activities, high load capacity, lower maintenance costs and greater vehicle durability.

CORVUS OFF-ROAD VEHICLES is leading the off-road sector into the future, taking UTV efficiency and performance to next level with its new all-electric work vehicle. The arrival on the market of the new TERRAIN EX4 makes CORVUS OFF-ROAD VEHICLES a new market share leader as the only European manufacturer with fully electric UTVs available for purchase as early as 2022.

It is a UTV that offers a more pleasant ride thanks to its quiet operation; and has a large total load capacity of up to 620 kg. Unmatched durability, low maintenance cost, and efficient vehicle performance are hallmarks of the new TERRAIN EX4.

Thus, the new TERRAIN EX4 expands the product portfolio of the Murcian company, which already offers a powerful and robust 4X4 diesel vehicle: the TERRAIN DX4 is already the market leader in its category of diesel vehicles off-road, and is a highly equipped work UTV, perfect for agriculture, livestock and forestry work, capable of carrying up to 300 kilos in its rear box.

TERRAIN EX4 is a new global benchmark in the side-by-side vehicle market. "Since the beginning, our commitment to innovation focused on offering the best driving experience to workers has been a priority. We want to provide our customers with what they really need to be able to face the toughest working days in the best possible way. Because of this commitment to our customers and the growing demand from consumers, we have designed TERRAIN EX4, a new vehicle with which we have gone beyond and offer the best capabilities off-road along with a more efficient, quiet and pleasant ride," says Juan José Bernal-Quirós, General Manager of Corvus Off-Road Vehicles. 


Enjoy working in difficult terrain is now possible with the 13 kW electric motor, which provides the precise power to transport or tow large loads with ease. In addition, the 15 KwH lithium-ion battery is designed for fast and convenient charging, making the driving experience enjoyable from start to finish. TERRAIN EX4 features a dual power selector - RANGE and POWER - that allows you to electronically select the appropriate driving mode.


On routes through the wilderness and in busy everyday life, TERRAIN EX4 is your best work companion. The quiet operation of the TERRAIN EX4 makes for a pleasant ride that is very useful for your workday. The powerplant makes it easy to talk to family and friends while the vehicle is in motion, and allows you to work at any time of day without noise.


TERRAIN EX4 has a largestorage and loading capacity of up to 620 kg thanks to the large dimensions of its unique cargo box. The design of the new TERRAIN EX4 is designed to give you more space for you and your equipment, with a very practical front trunk to store tools with a capacity of 45 L. or 25 kg; and three convenient interior drawers under the seat to have everything you need at hand with a capacity of 67 L. or 30 kg. Not forgetting the steel rear cargo box, which stands out in the market for its dimensions, hardness and lightness where you can transport up to 300 kg. in a stable and safe way.


Capable and durable, the 309 mm ground clearance enables the TERRAIN EX4 to overcome obstacles with confidence. In addition, its on-demand 4×2 or 4×4 traction with rear differential lock, enable the driver to master the most difficult terrain in any situation.


TERRAIN EX4 has a 15 Kwh lithium-ion battery, whose charging options are designed to fit the customer's specific needs and are as easy as plugging into a standard wall socket.


TERRAIN EX4 is compatible with most of the current TERRAIN DX4 accessories, including the same excellent CAB cab systems that provide total driver comfort throughout the winter season. Additional accessories available include various front and rear protection elements, as well as various options for increased loading and towing possibilities, among others.

"Launching a new product like TERRAIN EX4 into the market has been a real challenge, because at CORVUS OFF-ROAD VEHICLES we offer an already class-leading product, our TERRAIN DX4diesel vehicle, so with TERRAIN EX4 we faced a huge responsibility to once again achieve excellence, with the advantage of working with a passionate motor team that is truly taking the company into the international growth territory we find ourselves in," says Juan José Bernal-Quirós." The combination of the best technology, our passion for designing new work vehicle models and CORVUS 's dedication to consumer-driven innovation has created a completely new electric TERRAIN that offers an incredible driving experience," concludes Juan José Bernal-Quirós, General Manager of Corvus Off-Road Vehicles.


***TERRAIN EX4 will arrive in dealerships in the last quarter of 2022. See our extensive dealer network here: Dealers - CORVUS UTV (


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