Many localities are taking measures to stop the spread of Covid19, and in just a few weeks we have normalized the image of people wearing protective suits and masks.

As experts recommend, the confinement of the population is the most effective measure, however, the municipalities have a very important role, since it is time to focus all efforts on establishing extraordinary protocols and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.

Disinfection of transit points is essential, and therefore municipalities all over Spain are at full capacity disinfecting common areas and public spaces. Viricidal products such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach) diluted to very low concentrations are being used for these tasks, as indicated by the Ministry of Health itself in its prevention and control recommendations to Covid-19.

Everybody’s collaboration at this time is key, and in many localities farmers and individuals are putting their machines at the service of their City Councils, disinfecting roads and facades with their tractors and agricultural vehicles, such as the TerrainDX4, which agility and ease of installation of equipment such as buckets, sprays, herbicide bars, high-pressure equipment, etc. make it a perfect option for disinfection or cleaning works.


Another measure that the City Councils are resorting to is hiring private companies specialized in Emergency Actions. These special bodies have special protocols and specific equipment to thoroughly disinfect all corners of the cities.

On the priority scale, the municipalities are focusing their efforts on:

  • Surroundings and entrances of hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, and operating establishments.
  • Containers and litter bins.
  • Taxi stands and public transport.
  • Bus and train stations.
  • Railings, building portals, parking lots, ATMs.

In addition to disinfecting and cleaning the places, the Municipalities and Security Bodies also closely monitor the daily disinfection of the vehicles and materials used in these tasks. Seats, armrests, knobs, cranks and handles are the most susceptible objects in the spread of the virus.

At CORVUS we trust that the joint effort of citizens and administrations is the only way to contain the spread of this virus and return to normality.

We’ll get through this!


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